Pegie by the Sea

We were so lucky to have a conversation with Ms. Cheri Roock, the current owner of Pegie by the Sea!  While our fun blue beverage handbag likely dates to the mid-1960s, when Joseph and Margaret Magargel owned the company, Ms. Roock, a former medical technologist, purchased Pegie by the Sea in 1995, becoming its fourth owner.

Pegie by the Sea appears to have been started in 1962 by Joseph and Margaret Magargel (see legal notice below; Pegie is a nickname for Margaret, so it is likely the company was named for her), then owned by their son, Forrest. We believe, through our research, that the Magargels were originally from Pennsylvania and that Joseph had a younger brother named Forrest who died in a car accident in 1939 at the age of 21. So it's probable that their son was named for his deceased uncle.

The company was sold by Forrest Magargel to a Canadian woman who was a Florida resident. The Canadian woman sold it to Ms. Roock after she left Florida to return to Canada to help run the family lodge.

The company, located in Key Largo, a resort town with many golf aficionados, eventually became known for its golf themed purses, golf wear and golf pins (jewelry). According to Ms. Roock, the purses were made of a durable, long-lasting marine vinyl that was all but indestructible. Customers have told her they wanted a new Pegie by the Sea bag, but their old one still has a lot of life left in it!

Please see below for more company info. Special thanks to the lovely Ms. Roock for taking so much time to talk to us. All newspaper ads, advertorials and articles clipped via a paid subscription to

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