Enid Collins and Collins of Texas

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Arguably the best-known designer of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Enid Collins began her company in 1959. The handbags were all wonderfully and whimsically designed with an abundance of faux gems, trims and themes. They were oft-imitated, but original Collins bags are highly collectible today. The Collins company was purchased by Tandy in 1970. Collins passed away in 1990.

There is a very good article about Collins here: https://www.coololdstuff.com/EnidCollins.html

The line was relaunched in 2012 by a different owner and can be seen here: http://www.collinsoftexas.com/.

Enid's son, jewelry designer Jeep Collins' website is https://jeepcollins.com/.

Handbags shown here are all from the collection of The Vintage Purse Museum. Ads and articles have been clipped via a paid subscription to Newspapers.com.

Night Owl
Mini Glitterbugs

Mary Mary
Arizona Republic, April 11, 1968
Honolulu Star Bulletin, March 18, 1969
Arkansas Times, March 25, 1966
San Antonio Express, March 15, 1968
San Antonio Express, Feb. 25, 1968
The Tampa Tribune, Feb. 19, 1969

Pavan 2


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 25, 1956

Cincinnati Enquirer, Sept. 5, 1955

Corpus Christi Caller Times, April 8, 1955
Philadelphia Inquirer, April 4, 1956

Waco News Tribune, August 31, 1955

Carpetbags of America

St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dec. 27, 1971

Screenshot from Ferrarichat.com
Clarion Ledger, Dec. 10, 1977
Des Moines Register and Sun, Aug. 1, 1976

Hattiesburg American, Aug. 11, 1974
Springfield Leader and Press, Sept. 30, 1971
Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 1, 1973

Kingsport Times News, Aug. 8, 1971

3-Way Convertible Bags


Pittsburgh Post Gazette, August 27, 1948
While many three-way convertible handbags are best known as products of Lowy & Mund (L&M) or Edwards (see Bag Lady University for more info: http://www.bagladyemporium.com/BLU/index.php?n=Main.LowyMundLMEdwards), we learned that other manufacturers, including Kadin, made versions of it. The earliest ads we could find were from 1948, and these bags featured a chain handle. The most commonly found three-way bags now, and likely the most produced back then were from the 1960s, and had acrylic handles. These bags were available in several sizes and with numerous fabrics and patterns, but early versions were less showy than those of the late 1950s through the 1960s, which offered bolder prints and some metallic or "atomic" designs. Newspaper ads clipped online via Newspapers.com. All purses pictured and the magazine ad are from the collection of The Vintage Purse Gallery.

St. Louis Post Dispatch, Sept. 10, 1956
Press and Sun Bulletin, March 28, 1962
Newcastle News, May 8, 1959 - J.C. Penney's ad

El Paso Herald Post, Sept. 30, 1949
1960s 3-way handbag, with black patent, black matte, and silver and gold metallic covers, and acrylic handle.

Detroit Free Press, June 18, 1956
Independent, June 5, 1967 - Note the "atomic design" similar to the one in the Vintage Purse Gallery collection

Arizona Daily Star, Dec. 10, 1965

Democrat and Chronical, May 7, 1962 - Purses by Kadin
Democrat and Chronicle, May 4, 1961

Variety of three-way convertible handbags, circa 1950s and 1960s

1948 Edwards 3-Way Bag Vogue magazine advertisement (from the collection of The Vintage Purse Gallery)

Soure' New York Bags

Link to info about Soure Bags at Bag Lady University: http://www.bagladyemporium.com/BLU/index.php?n=Main.SoureBagCo

Photos are of just some of the Soure' purses from the collection of The Vintage Purse Gallery. All ads have been clipped via a paid subscription to Newspapers.com, with photo/ad copy credit for each newspaper. We've put these ads here for education and entertainment, and so that you can properly date your handbags. You can also see some of the bags we have in the gallery today featured in the ads of yesterday! Despite it being a prolific handbag manufacturer, we are still seeking info about the Soure' Bag Co. and welcome information about its origins: info@vintagepursegallery.com. Thank you!

Detroit Free Press, Feb. 19, 1962

Daily Independent Journal, Dec. 7, 1964

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The Des Moines Register, May 2, 1948

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Arizona Republic, Nov. 1, 1962
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Star Tribune, Nov. 12, 1944
Independent Press Telegram, Mar. 23, 1958
Lubbock Avalanche Journal, April 13, 1964
Palm Beach Post, Oct. 12, 1956

The Kokomo Tribune, May 5, 1964
The Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 1, 1960